Negative Effects of Damp

Complications with health

Having damp in your property can cause breathing issues for the people that live there.

Decreased House Price

Having damp can decrease the value of your property and make it more difficult to sell.

Structural Issues

Damp that has been persistent in a property for a long time can cause major structural issues which could be very expensive to repair.

Heat Loss in the home

Damp can cause a huge amount of heat loss. Living costs with also be higher due to the higher use of your properties' heating.

Ugly Appearance

Seeing damp in a building can make the rest of the property look worse. Painting or covering up the damp will only be a temporary fix and things will get worse.

Bad/Musty Smell

A bad smell can really effect the whole presentation of a home. A nice atmosphere and lovely furniture will not matter if the air isn't nice and fresh.

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