Stormdry - Protect from Penetrating Damp & Heat Loss

Penetrating Damp

Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream and Stormdry Repointing Additive can be used as damp proofing to provide protection against penetrating damp without affecting the visual appearance of brickwork or stonework.

Increase the value of your home

Go Compare recently posted some very interesting survey results. They listed all the most common reasons why potential home buyers would be put off from making an offer, when viewing a property. The top reason given in the survey, by some margin, was “Damp patches, stained walls and ceilings”. 70% of people, who took part in the survey, said that this would stop them from buying. In fact, three of the top five answers were related to damp issues or their side effects.

Stormdry can help rectify these problems using its damp proofing qualities and make sure that your house is being presented in the best possible way.

Signs of Penetrating Damp

Rain penetration through masonry (known as penetrating damp) is a common problem in buildings – particularly in the case of those of solid wall construction. The problem is also increasingly common in buildings of cavity wall construction where cavity wall insulation has been poorly installed or used in walls that are not suitable for cavity wall insulation. Other paths through which rain can cross through a cavity wall include incorrectly positioned wall ties and mortar obstructions in the cavity.

Stormdry - The ONLY Water repellent approved by the BBA

The British Board of Agrément, the UK’s foremost body for the testing and certification of construction products and systems, has granted certification to Stormdry Masonry Protection Cream after months of extensive testing. This is only given to the best damp proofing products available. The certificate confirms that a single coat application of Stormdry will be effective for at least 25 years.

Stormdry is verified by the Energy Saving Trust

By creating a deep water-repellent zone on the masonry surface, Stormdry ensures that the masonry remains dry throughout the year. This maximises its thermal resistance, as dry walls are better insulators than wet walls. Stormdry is verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

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