Signs of Damp


If you find stains on your walls this is probably from damp. If the stains are below knee height it has the potential to be from rising damp. If it is higher than knee height then it can potentially be from penetrating damp.


If there are certain places in your house that are colder than elsewhere this could be due to a damp problem.

Wallpaper Peeling

If your wallpaper starts peeling at the corners and starts coming off the wall. This could be a big indicator of damp.

Musty Smell

If your house does not smell as fresh as it should, then it could be a sign of damp.


If you start to notice condensation on windows or walls, and you believe you are keeping your home ventilated and heated enough. This could be due to excess moisture in the walls which could be a sign of damp.

What to do if you have any of the signs?

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At Weatherdry, We have special apparatus that with measure the moisture levels within in your property. If the problem is damp, then we have a range of damp proofing treatments which can solve your damp problems and prevent damp in the future. If it's not damp, that's great news and you can look into what else might be causing your issues. Our surveys are free of charge so you can ask for us to come out and examine your home for damp with no cost to you.

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